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Cyclocross (CX) Cup

2022 Schedule

Race #RaceDate
3Cooper River CX10/23/22
5SCCX Presented by Cycle Craft11/13/22


  1. The New Jersey Cross Cup is open to all riders and will consist of a series of events designated by the NJBA Cyclocross Committee. Courses will follow USA Cycling rules. Individual cups will be awarded to the winners in classes designated by the NJBA Cyclocross Committee, as set forth in Table 1. Table 2 is the Standardized Race groupings for the NJ Cross Cup. Individual scoring will be based on the points schedule in Table 3 below. Out of state riders are eligible to compete for the New Jersey Cross Cup. At the end of the season each riders will be scored with the total of their best finishes in the series races minus 1 mandatory drop of their lowest score. Ties will be decided by number of firsts, seconds, etc in the individual series races.
  2. An overall Team Cup will be awarded based on the Team Competition rules in Table 5 below. Riders may score team points in more than one category per event. Only USA Cycling teams will be eligible for the team competition. Sub teams will not be scored separately in the team competition. Out of state teams are eligible to compete for the New Jersey Cross Cup.
  3. Elite men’s and women’s race will have equal cash payouts.
  4. A rider may only score points for one team during each season. A rider changing teams during the season will not receive any team points for the second team, but will keep and continue to earn individual points.
  5. Scoring is based on the official results issued by the Chief Judge from each event. Protests based on judgment calls by officials must be made to the chief judge or race promoter within the 15 minutes of posting of results. Scorekeepers or officials may correct clerical mistakes at any time. No formal protest is necessary to correct clerical mistakes.
  6. Results must be submitted promptly to the designated scorekeeper in CSV format and should be posted on the internet by the end of race day.
  7. For categorized races, you must race in your assigned USACycling Cyclocross category. If you feel that category is inappropriate, contact USACycling for an upgrade or downgrade.
  8. Decisions concerning scoring or eligibility may be appealed to the Cyclocross Committee. The decisions of the Cyclocross Committee are final.
  9. Lapped riders: All riders will finish on same lap, regardless of category. If more than one race is being run at the same time with staggered starts, riders of the second wave that have been lapped by riders of the first wave will finish on the same lap as the first wave riders that have lapped them. Riders lapped on leader’s final lap will not get the bell. All lapped riders will be placed and timed. No lapped riders will be pulled. Riders who complete fewer than half of the total laps will be scored as DNF.
  10. Any riders that placed in the top 3 overall of the previous season’s Men’s Cat 5, Women’s 4/5, Masters 4/5 or Men’s Cat 4 final standings will not be eligible for points in those categories. They must ride in the next category up or their age group if a masters or junior rider, to be eligible for points.
  11. If a rider reaches the auto upgrade level or chooses to upgrade mid season they will carry forward 50% of their existing point to the next class, not to exceed 40% of the points total of the then current leader of that class. For example, a rider with 100 points upgrades (or is upgraded) and the current leader has 100 points in that category, the rider would bring 40 points forward.
  12. The call-up protocol for the first NJ CX Cup series race of the season for all categories will be based on the previous year’s final rankings. The top ten finishers will be seeded first followed by order of pre-registration. The call-up protocol for the remaining NJ CX Cup series races will be based on the latest available rankings as posted on the NJBA website, top ten followed by order of pre-registration. Riders MUST pre-register to be seeded.
  13. For categorized races, you MUST race in your assigned USA Cycling category.  If that category is too easy or too hard for you, contact USA Cycling for an upgrade or downgrade before the race.  No exceptions!
  14. Promoters MUST adhere to the Standardized Race Start Groupings and Duration as listed below.  Promoters have the discretion to add non-Cup classes to their race schedule. Those races must be stand alone and may not be run concurrently with any Cup races.

Individual NJ CX Cup Classes

Men Cat 4
Men Cat 3
Men Cat 1/2/3
Junior Men 9-14
Junior Men 15-18
Junior Women 9-14
Junior Women 15-18
Women Cat 1/2/3
Women Cat 3/4/5
Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4
Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4
Masters 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4
Men Masters 40+ Cat 4/5
Men Cat 5

Standardized Race Start Groupings & Duration

Race #Category / Class
1Junior Women 9-12
Junior Men 9-12
Junior Women 13-14
Junior Men 13-14
2Men Master 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4
Men Cat 4
**Junior Men 15-18
3Women Cat 3/4
Master Women 45+
Junior Women 15-18
4Masters 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4
Men Cat 3
(Staggered Starts)
5Masters 40+ Cat 4/5 
Masters 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4
(Staggered Starts)
6Men Cat 1/2/3
Women Cat 1/2/3
7Men Cat 5

** Note
Many student athletes may be playing two sports, or have other family obligations later in the day.  any of the 15‐18 Junior men are already racing in the Cat 4 or 5 fields. Having the remaining 15‐18 Men, race in a higher skill group, as suggested above, will allow for the Junior Men and Women 15-18’s start at  staggered start times from the other classes, allowing both the older Junior Women and Men, get the much needed experience of racing in a larger field, better preparing them for their first Mass Start Cat 5 or Cat 4 Race. The learning opportunity exists whether they are passing or getting passed. We plan to use this format at the NJBA‐CX Cup BubbleCross race, but welcome other Promoters to use a similar race day schedule.

NJBA CX Cup Individual Points Schedule

PlacePointsState Championship Points