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Maxxis Garden State Cup


  1. Individual and Individual/Team competitions are open to USACycling licensed riders whose license states that they are residents of New Jersey and whose clubs are members of the NJBA. ‘Team’ only competitions (such as the Team Challenge and Team Time Trial) are open to riders from any state as long as their clubs are members of the NJBA.
  2. Riders must belong to an NJBA club. Riders and Clubs will not earn points until the club has officially joined the NJBA by submitting an application and paying annual dues. Out of state clubs can become NJBA members if they have riders licensed in New Jersey.
  3. Individual awards will be presented to each of the classes, including
    • Senior Men
    • Senior Women
    • Juniors
    • Masters 35+
    • Masters 45+
    • Masters 55+
  4. Team cups will be awarded in each class.
  5. Points are awarded according to the attached schedule. Ties are broken by totaling the number of 1st place finishes, then 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes, etc., until a clear winner is established.
  6. All riders in all categories will have their lowest race result (one race only) dropped from the computation of their final point total. This dropped score will  be either the lowest score (if a rider scores points in all races) or a DNF / DNS.
  7. GSCC points will not be awarded to any category if an event has a date change after April 1. GSCC points will not be awarded to a category within an event if there is a change to that category after April 1.
  8. Events conducted for combined classes (not rider categories) racing one event where a common start and finish is used, shall not be considered for GSCC inclusion, except in U19 categories.
  9. Riders must be a registered member of a team (as noted in the USACycling Rider Database) two (2) weeks prior to an event in order to earn points for that event.
  10. Riders changing clubs mid-season will keep the individual points already earned. Any team points previously earned will remain with the original team. Riders are allowed one (1) team change per season. Any rider changing teams more than once will forfeit all team points and all individual points earned after the initial team change.
  11. Riders are responsible for properly registering for each event (see NJBA schedule for events and fliers).
  12. Scoring is based on the official results issued by the Chief Judge from each event and the riders receive points based on their actual finish position. Protests are to be lodged at the event within the 15 minutes allowed for protests after results are posted. Changes will not be made after the official protest period has ended.
  13. All mass-start GSCC events that include Senior Men and/or Master 35+ Men must have a suitable NJBA approved photo-finish camera.
  14. Results must be submitted to the GSCC administrator in an approved format to be supplied by the GSCC administrator. Failure to submit results in an approved format may result in exclusion from future GSCC calendars.
  15. All decisions made by the GSCC committee are final.
  16. For the Team Time Trial, clubs entering more than one team per category must declare one (1) of those teams eligible to score points. Only those ‘declared’ teams will be used to determine final rankings and points. If a club fails to identify its eligible team in advance and has more than 1 team entered, the time of the slowest team will be used.
  17. For all individual events points are earned as follows:


  18. For team events, results are calculated by adding the individual points earned for up to three riders from each team as detailed above in rule 17. The point totals for each team are then compared to determine the team placing for the event and team points are then awarded as shown below:
  19. At the end of the season, the final individual standings will be used to to determine the ‘Team General Classification’ which will be the final ‘event’ in the team cup. Final GC standings will be calculated in the same manner as any other team event, with the top three riders’ points being used to determin that team’s placing (as in rule 18.)

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